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Kellan pratar om 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2' med Kelly Ripa & Michael Strahan

Lutz talked to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahanabout the effect “Twilight” has had on his life. He recently returned from an overseas trip to Ireland, Scotland and London with fellow cast mate, Nikki Reed. He described his overseas fans as “fanatics, but loving.” Kellan also talked about his high speed ride to superstardom and stated, “It’s been mind blowing!”
Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan talked to Lutz about life outside of “Twilight.” Kellan attended Chapman University and had scholarships for chemical engineering and football. The well-rounded actor also revealed that he is an inventor and has two pending patents. When Kelly Ripa pressed the “Twilight” actor for more information about his inventions, he revealed that he designed a car seat cardio system. The head rest comes down and drivers can do light crunches while stuck in traffic. “I’ll take two. That’s ingenious,” Ripa said excitedly. Lutz plans to continue inventing things because he loves to solve problems. “Anything is possible,” he explained on Wednesday.
In addition to being super smart and ambitious, Kellan Lutz also plays the trombone. Now that “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” marks the end of his 4-year run with “Twilight,” he joked that he’d like to land a part on “Glee” because he could act and play the trombone at the same time. “You’re the perfect man!” Ripa exclaimed of the multi-faceted “Twilight” star. “Kellan Lutz is fascinating!”
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Cinemark intervjuar Kellan för 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2'

Ny intervju av MetroNews, om b la. muskelkraft & armbrytning

Kellan Lutz spent four years wearing pasty white make-up and doing push ups to play superstrong vampire Emmett Cullen in The Twilight Saga. Now that the final chapter, Breaking Dawn — Part 2, arrives in theatres, he talks to Metro about his post-vampire career, wrestling with Kristen Stewart [Bella] and learning to cut up a steak.

Everyone went on and on about Taylor Lautner’s body in Twilight. But you were buff all along. How did you manage that?
Kellan: I have good muscle memory. I’m barrel-chested, so I can do 50 push ups and get some man boobs pretty easily. But Taylor had to take his shirt off. It would have been different if I’d had to take mine off and I was pale white with make up. It wouldn’t look so flattering.

The arm wrestle scene between Bella and Emmett in Breaking Dawn 2 — did you guys do it for real? Kristen vs. Kellan?
Kellan: I sent Emmett to some acting classes to prepare him for that scene so that he didn’t lose and get his ego hurt too much. I’d been looking forward to shooting that scene for years and Kristen was just so excited to play a vampire finally. She’s a strong woman. She put up a good fight. Of course, I let her win.

Could Kristen beat you in real life?
Kellan: Never … Plus she cheated. But I really think she could beat Rob [Pattinson] in an arm wrestle.
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Ny intervju med Kellan av Examiner om b la. 'BD - Part 2' bonus material, barn & gummy björnar

The cast of Twilight has been busy touring around the globe promoting the epic finale of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part 2. Kellan Lutz, who portrays the tough and lovable Emmett Cullen in the franchise, stopped by Dallas yesterday, Thursday, Nov. 8, and I had the chance to sit down with the star and discuss the anticipated film, Lutz’s upcoming projects, crazy fan experiences, and more.

Q: How was it like shooting the arm-wrestling scene?
Lutz: For me and my character, I was very much looking forward to filming that scene with Bella – for Emmett to have that, to have his special scene! When I first read the book Breaking Dawn, I thought, ‘please let this part make it!’ And I got big, I didn’t realize how big I looked…I mean, my arm was the size of my head! [laughs] It’s funny because I wasn’t even trying to win, she’d [Kristen Stewart] be like ‘are you trying?

Q: Tell us about the dance sequence everyone is talking about.
Lutz: We choreographed Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics. I love dancing; Justin Timberlake was my guy, who I looked up to. Michael Sheen [aka Aro], Dakota Fanning [aka Jane]…the whole Volturi had no idea we were planning this. So when we all started dancing, Michael just started [shows robotic dance moves] breaking into a dance too.

Q: Will the scene make it in the credits?
Lutz: I don’t know, I don’t’ think it will. I think they’ll use it on the DVD, for behind the scenes.

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Rotten Tomatoes intervjuar 'TTS: Breaking Dawn - Part 2' castet

"Vad händer när man spelat en vampyr efter fem år...?"

Metro News Canada fick chansen att intervjua the Cullens från The Twilight Saga, där de ställde frågan vad de tänkt göra nu när alla filmer är färdiginspelade, och nu när sagan nått sitt slut. Läs Kellans svar nedanför och klicka dig gärna in på [källa] för att läsa de andra castens svar.
Kellan Lutz: “I’ve been working on my clothing line for about two years called Abbot+Main, which is another one of my passions - fashion. It’s in Nordstrom, it’s in Bloomingdales, it’s doing great. Career-wise, I love action movies so I’m producing a couple…”

Kellan's officiella intervju inför 'TTS: Breaking Dawn - Part 2'

It’s been five years since you made the first movie. How has this ‘Twilight’ journey been for you?
Kellan Lutz: I don’t think there’s even words to describe it, because I’ve never been apart of something like this. Also, I never would have imagined to be a part of something like this. So from day one its just been special. I love my character Emmett Cullen, and then reading the books I loved the books. You never know if your going to make all the movies come to life, so once we started having fans come out of the woodwork and you realise that you have fans for this, and for all the love I had for my character I was really crossing my fingers that we could do it. Its been an amazing, let alone all of the premiers, nothing is work – the premiers, press, meeting the fans. Its just been amazing and special, and you have fans that are friends now. So one of the biggest compliments is when you have a fan who’s now a friend, who has a child, then they name them Kellan or Emmett, that puts the biggest smile on my face. I would have never in my wildest dreams thought something like that would happen. Everything about it has just been special, I’ll always remember it. And now, I’ve just seen the last movie and it’s starting to really affect me knowing that this is it, we’re closing all these mini chapters as far as finishing the movie with the last press junket, soon the last premier. Then I think the very last thing is maybe the special Platinum Box DVD grouping (laughs), it’s special.
What was the moment for you when you thought, “Wow, this is going to be huge.” Do you remember that moment or what that thing was, or was it a series of things?
Kellan Lutz: There was a couple stages in the “wow” factor of all that. For me there was reading the books, from that I could see why people might be into it, because I read through them quick. Then also when fans started coming to sets, and then when they found my hotel room and knocked one night, I was like, “How…..what……?” (Laughs) That was very special. Then thirdly it was Comic Con. I forget who it was, it was either Robert or Kristen, but once they just stepped out, the screaming! Then also the premiere of the first film, fans holding signs – “Nutz for Lutz”, that made me smile. There’s been a lot of wild moments.
With Emmett’s journey in these last two movies, was it more fun to play him because you felt like you knew him better after each film?
Kellan Lutz: Yeah, there’s a lot of material there and info for your character, and then for you to add your own two cents. From day one I’ve been having a blast creating the back-story for Emmett. In each movie I get to add another layer and another layer. I think we all got pretty comfortable with our characters and knowing who they were by even the second movie, just because we loved it and we knew we were going on this magic carpet ride. And fingers crossed, we knew we were going to do all of the movies so we all got our characters pretty locked down. But the last movie, Emmett is more of the protector. He has his funny lines, which I love, I love playing the comedic relief character. But he also plays the protector, and now that Renesmee’s in the picture, he has something to really fight for. Plus, Bella’s a vampire now, and he had always wanted to protect her because his brother loved her. I think he also just loves kicking butt (laughs).
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Artikel & video av ETonline med 'BD - Part 2' cast - AVSLÖJANDEN!

The astonishing conclusion to The Twilight Saga is just days away, and we’re having fun with the Cullen clan — Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Jackson Rathbone, Nikki Reed and Kellan Lutz — as they look back at the series that changed their lives, and then go for an ET speed round with our own Nancy O’Dell!

Who takes the longest to get ready? Who’s the best dancer in the group? Who’s the biggest prankster? Who’s the biggest diva? Who flubs their lines the most? Watch the fun-filled video to find out…


MySpace intervjuar 'BD - Part 2' cast: "Who's more likely to...?"

Extremt roligt intervju! Rekommenderar er läsare att se den. :)

Kellan & Jackson Rathbone: "Vi hade ingen aning om vi spelade in 'Breaking Dawn - Part 1' eller 'Part 2'...

Kellan Lutz and Jackson Rathbone have come a long way.

During the last four years, the two actors have been busy shooting the Twilight Saga‘s five installments — so much so that they admitted to Celebuzz that it was hard to keep track when they were working on the final film, Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

“A lot of times I didn’t even know we were shooting Part 1 or Part 2,” Lutz, 27, told us during the film’s press junket. “But in the book there’s definitely a breaking point to severing the two and that is — as [director] Bill [Condon] created — when Bella becomes a vampire and Renesmee is born.”

Breaking Dawn – Part 2 also sees a lot more character development from both the actors. So, how did they cope with their own individual storylines?

“[Bill] did a great job to show the comedic beats that the fans loved to see,” Lutz said of his character Emmett, who plays the comic relief in the series. “I loved playing that character.”