Kellan & Jackson Rathbone: "Vi hade ingen aning om vi spelade in 'Breaking Dawn - Part 1' eller 'Part 2'...

Kellan Lutz and Jackson Rathbone have come a long way.

During the last four years, the two actors have been busy shooting the Twilight Saga‘s five installments — so much so that they admitted to Celebuzz that it was hard to keep track when they were working on the final film, Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

“A lot of times I didn’t even know we were shooting Part 1 or Part 2,” Lutz, 27, told us during the film’s press junket. “But in the book there’s definitely a breaking point to severing the two and that is — as [director] Bill [Condon] created — when Bella becomes a vampire and Renesmee is born.”

Breaking Dawn – Part 2 also sees a lot more character development from both the actors. So, how did they cope with their own individual storylines?

“[Bill] did a great job to show the comedic beats that the fans loved to see,” Lutz said of his character Emmett, who plays the comic relief in the series. “I loved playing that character.”


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