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Kellan Lutz spent four years wearing pasty white make-up and doing push ups to play superstrong vampire Emmett Cullen in The Twilight Saga. Now that the final chapter, Breaking Dawn — Part 2, arrives in theatres, he talks to Metro about his post-vampire career, wrestling with Kristen Stewart [Bella] and learning to cut up a steak.

Everyone went on and on about Taylor Lautner’s body in Twilight. But you were buff all along. How did you manage that?
Kellan: I have good muscle memory. I’m barrel-chested, so I can do 50 push ups and get some man boobs pretty easily. But Taylor had to take his shirt off. It would have been different if I’d had to take mine off and I was pale white with make up. It wouldn’t look so flattering.

The arm wrestle scene between Bella and Emmett in Breaking Dawn 2 — did you guys do it for real? Kristen vs. Kellan?
Kellan: I sent Emmett to some acting classes to prepare him for that scene so that he didn’t lose and get his ego hurt too much. I’d been looking forward to shooting that scene for years and Kristen was just so excited to play a vampire finally. She’s a strong woman. She put up a good fight. Of course, I let her win.

Could Kristen beat you in real life?
Kellan: Never … Plus she cheated. But I really think she could beat Rob [Pattinson] in an arm wrestle.
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