Kellan pratar om 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2' med Kelly Ripa & Michael Strahan

Lutz talked to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahanabout the effect “Twilight” has had on his life. He recently returned from an overseas trip to Ireland, Scotland and London with fellow cast mate, Nikki Reed. He described his overseas fans as “fanatics, but loving.” Kellan also talked about his high speed ride to superstardom and stated, “It’s been mind blowing!”
Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan talked to Lutz about life outside of “Twilight.” Kellan attended Chapman University and had scholarships for chemical engineering and football. The well-rounded actor also revealed that he is an inventor and has two pending patents. When Kelly Ripa pressed the “Twilight” actor for more information about his inventions, he revealed that he designed a car seat cardio system. The head rest comes down and drivers can do light crunches while stuck in traffic. “I’ll take two. That’s ingenious,” Ripa said excitedly. Lutz plans to continue inventing things because he loves to solve problems. “Anything is possible,” he explained on Wednesday.
In addition to being super smart and ambitious, Kellan Lutz also plays the trombone. Now that “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” marks the end of his 4-year run with “Twilight,” he joked that he’d like to land a part on “Glee” because he could act and play the trombone at the same time. “You’re the perfect man!” Ripa exclaimed of the multi-faceted “Twilight” star. “Kellan Lutz is fascinating!”
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