Kellan & Nikki Reed pratar om slutet av 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2'

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Breaking Dawn Part 2 picks up where part one left off – and sees Bella finally become an immortal.
Lutz explained: “We ended off with Bella turning into a vampire, she had just had Renesmee and was teetering on life or death.
“Now her eyes are open and she has taken the first breath of being a vampire and trying to control her newborn instincts, then spending time with Renesme.
“A threat comes from the Volturi, wanting to take control of this new immortal human out of fear because they don’t know what will come of her – and if she will spill the beans on all of the vampires.
“There is this epic driving force throughout the whole movie of protecting Renesmee and the coven – and it is all about the family.”

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