Kellan & Nikki Reed pratar om 'BD - Part 2' med Sugarscape

We sat down with the ridiclously good-looking pair – who play Emmet Cullen and Rosalie Hale – to get all the gossip on Kristen Stewart’s arm-wrestling skills, the hotly anticipated final scene and Robsten’s filthy swearing habits.

Speaking about the film ending being different from the book, Kellan said: “It’s quite different. I think Bill Condon found a great little way to add a lot more action.. which I think was needed.

“Y’know, you can never go wrong with some more action, and it’s very eventful.”

Kellan also opened up about his arm-wrestling scene with Kristen, revealing that she may be small, but that doesn’t mean she’s not packing some serious muscle in those tiny arms.

“She had been training, she’s a fit little girl,” he said. “She’s strong, I actually had to do some good acting in that scene!”


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