Exklusiv intervju med Kellan & Nikki Reed av Marie Claire

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Marie Claire
online caught up with Kellan Lutz ahead of the release of the final Twilight film and asked what his hopes were for another installment. When we mention to Kellan that Robert Pattinson recently hinted at a spin-off for his character, he had a pretty strong reaction saying:

'A spin off of his character? Hasn’t this whole saga been about his [Robert’s] character what more does he want?’

Of course this criticism was all in jest, but it prompted Kellan to get a little emotional about saying goodbye to Emmett Cullen.

He added: ‘I would love to show Emmett’s back story, a lot of the other characters [in Twilight] were able to do that. I love my character, we all would love to do it.’

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