"Sista Twilight filmen är som slutet på High School" - artikel

Jag är väldigt ledsen att uppdateringen inte varit på topp, många personliga skäl har kommit i vägen med nu tänker jag ge er senaste uppdateringen kring allt som hänt Kellan den senaste veckan!

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The release of the final Twilight flick, Breaking Dawn – Part 2, is almost upon us – with stars Kellan Lutzand Nikki Reed exclusively telling MTV News that they feel overwhelmed when it comes to saying goodbye to their characters.

The pair – who have played Emmett Cullen and Rosalie Hale since the first movie in 2008 – claim it’s only just starting to sink in that the vampire saga is coming to an end, with Nikki stating: “I think I was really able to process the fact that it was the last time."

“I don’t think that was the overall tone on set that we were saying goodbye to our characters or goodbye to the saga. I think we knew we had years to promote this and I think it’s just now starting to hit us that this is done and that in itself is really overwhelming.”

When asked how they felt after watching Breaking Dawn – Part 2, Lutz revealed: “I got teary eyed at the end as Bill (Condon) did something special. You see your name up there, you see the journey and the last four years of your life."

“It’s kind of like high school when you look through your year book and you read those messages that people wrote to you. It’s tough not to be affected – I have emotions.”

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