Nytt film projekt för Kellan: 'Love is all You Need?"

Just nu ser det ut som om Kellan tillsammans med Camilla Belle ska vara castade som huvudpersonerna i en ny film som heter Love is all You Need?. Jag har ingen info om detta endast är rykten, eller om det är sant, men läs artikeln nedan så kan du få reda på mer!

Camilla Belle and Kellan Lutz are in final negotiations to star in Wingspan Pictures’ “Love Is All You Need?"


Kim Rocco Shields penned and directed the original short and will write the feature adaptation with David Tillman.


Set in a world where homosexuality is the norm and heterosexuals are scorned, the original short follows a young girl who is bullied for having a crush on a boy at school. Feature version will include multiple storylines that illustrate the effects of prejudice in a middle-American college town.


Belle will play the star quarterback of Sparta U. Football team and Lutz will play a fraternity pledge and aspiring sports journalist.


Rachel Diana, co-owner of Wingspan Pictures along with Shields, will produce. Production is set to start this fall.


Lutz will be seen next in the indie “Syrup.” Next up for Belle is the indie “Open Road” with Andy Garcia.




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