intervjuar Kellan, Ashley Greene & Jackson Rathbone We are currently at Comic Con, the home of western showdowns, superheroes, and action. The end of Breaking Dawn Part 2 is an epic superhero showdown. What superhero reminds you most of your character?
Kellan Lutz: Fighting technique I’d have to say Carnage from the Spider-Man series or Venom. When he gets unleashed, Emmett just tears it up. [...] Kellan you mentioned that you have been looking forward to the Bella and Emmett wrestling scene for four years. What was it about that scene that made you want to film it so badly?
Kellan: That scene just really jumped out at me when I was reading the books. It was special because Emmett doesn’t really get one-on-one time with Bella. To have her be a vampire, that’s always what Emmett has been rooting for. He’s all “just change her already!” He’s been rooting for that for so long and when she is, he gets a bit cocky thinking his strength is his strength and no one can top it. So now comes along Bella who was always the clumsy human, and now she has these heightened skills and senses to the nth degree. It was just a special scene. Kristen really got into it. Kristen Stewart is much stronger physically than anyone would think, a lot stronger than I thought, it was amazing.


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