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Your line features super-soft tees. What’s the coolest tee you own – besides those from A+M, of course?

I’m obsessed with my old Marine Corps olive-green shirt I wore during the filming of “Generation Kill” in 2007. It brings back so many great memories, and is so soft from all the washing throughout the past five years.

What about accessories?
I have my favorite hat collection, as well as my collection of fun-colored socks. I love wearing unique socks. It’s all about the mystery that lies hidden.

How can New York guys inject some California-casual style into their wardrobes?
Color! I’ve noticed a lot of New York guys tend to stick to the neutrals, which are great, but I would suggest embracing pops of color.

What’s the sexiest thing a woman can wear?
For me, something cozy and comfortable – anything oversized or layered that leaves you wondering.

Of your 'Twilight' co-stars, whose style do you admire?
I think Ashley Green has great style. When she gets dressed up for a premiere or red-carpet event, she always looks stunning. Or, if she’s running around Los Angeles, she has a great laid-back look in jeans and a T-shirt. No matter what, she stays true to who she is and what she wears is relatable.
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Kika gärna in på min design blogg! :)

Sugen på att beställa en ny design?
Haft en bra dag ?

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Sugen på länkbyte? Jag äger en blogg om världens underbaraste :D sångerska Taylor Alison Swift! Länken är: Maila mig tillbaka om du är intresserad så länkar jag er fansite på min!



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